Ho Hunters is a Paranormal Investigative Group Lead by Braggz Aggainz…Check Out This New Masterpiece at  Alt Erotic – This Project Comes From Award Winning Horror and Adult Filmmaker, Ivan, Who’s Had This Film on His Mind For Over 15 Years.

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Ho Hunters is a paranormal investigative group lead by Braggz Aggainz. The streets and Motels are littered with Spirits of hookers who never crossed over! The poor souls walk in limbo looking for that final job to help them cross over to the Big Brothel upstairs. Braggz Aggainz and his team vow to help them cross over by completing one final sexual mission!

This project comes from Award winning Horror and Adult filmmaker, Ivan, who’s had this film on his mind for over 15 years. Sascha Ink of Alt Erotic finally gave him an opportunity to complete this mission. This weird comedy has its grasp on various Ghost hunting movies and shows with it’s own wicked twist. Down to having International Social Media darling Amber Luke doing her 1st Boy/Girl scene as a steamy blue eyed Dragon, split tongued Vampire!

* International Internet Star, The Blued Dragon Amber Luke does her 1st Boy/Girl scene!

* Joey and Sami “The White Twins” make sure Sascha Ink gets a double dose of spiritual fucking!

* Kali Rose’s has an amazing sexual drive!

* Arielle Aquinas uses her pussy powers to cure a Vampire!